We are all in a state of becoming. During our lives there are periods of growth, transformation, beginings, endings, joy, suffering, pleasure, and pain. Here at the Lotus Pod, we understand, and embrace each phase of life, and offer a resource for positive transformation. Depending on individual needs, there are many therapies available to assist in our journey toward conscious evolution. We are here to share guidance, and support.

Meaning of the Lotus
The lotus is one of the most ancient and deepest symbols of purity and loveliness we know. It is used as a metaphor for the progression of the soul. The seed of the lotus must take root in the mud, its stem grows up through the waters of experience, and the aromatic blossom sits pristinely above the water, basking in the bright sunshine of enlightenment.

As the flower fades, at the center the seed pod of the lotus becomes a ever changing womb that protects and holds the seeds until they mature. The pod represents the sanctuary of community where the seeds of creativity and expression are nurtured and prepare for transformation.

The Lotus Pod welcomes all wherever you are on your journey - whether you’re in the mud, sprouting through the water, ready to bloom, or givng birth to new seeds! Wishing you peace and blessings on your path.

Carol & Vivian

Carol Piro and Vivian Howell first connected at a birthday party and gathering of healers in 2007. Responding to the sound of a singing bowl in the meditation room, Carol found Vivian intently moving the mallet around the large crystal vessel, and the two shared the sacred space for a long meditative moment.  

Immediately noticing a kindred call to create and explore on the playground of inner space, they developed a friendship and synthesized their energies to create a powerful, heart centered opportunities for inner expeditions and creative expression.  Carol offers the energies of deep insight, balance and grace and has been teaching and practicing in the healing arts since 1993. Vivian exudes vivacious playfulness and authentic expression, and has been a practicioner of the healing arts since 1997. Together they have offered transformational dance, and energy balancing for groups, and individuals. Now they
share their work through The Lotus Pod.

Lotus Research

by UCLA's Center for the Study of Evolution and the Origin of Life.

by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Traditional Medicine, Portland, Oregon

by Share Siwek of the Flower Essence Society

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