Watsu & Shiatsu Therapist

Sessions help restore balance, release blocked energy, and allow your body to enter states of deep peace, and complete relaxation. Sessions are available in the Boston Area by appointment. For more information email or call 203-912-7300.

WATSU warm water therapy

Experience total relaxation while floating in warm (approx.97 degree) water. Through gentle movement and acupressure, Watsu brings a sense of deep relation to all parts of the body. Your head is gently cradled, and supported while the body is stretched, glided, turned, and gracefully floated by your therapist.

The word Watsu comes from combining the words "Water" and Shiatsu." Shiatsu is a traditional form of Asian bodywork on land and Water is a lovely warm wet substance that allows us to float free of gravity.

Throughout the Watsu session awareness of the gentle rising and sinking of one's breath become heightened, becoming more and more relaxed as you allow yourself to sink into a deep meditative state. Watsu calms the central nervous system allowing the receiver to be brought to a place where healing can begin. Watsu is comforting and creates a safe place where one feels cared for and nurtured.


Shiatsu ~ Very deep, and profoundly relaxing, Shiatsu clears blocked energy pathways, facilitating the reduction of chronic pain, and allows the body's natural healing to take place. Sessions are done wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

Reiki & Energy Balancing ~ We restore balance through the laying on of hands, facilitating the release of blocked energy and stress in the body. You will feel yourself drop into a state of deep relaxation and peace. Reiki master level, Therapeutic Touch, and acupressure

Currently offering Distance Reiki by donation for a limited time, as I want to study the effectiveness of this practice. I have had some wonderful feedback. To make an appointment Email Request with "Reiki Study" in the subject line. Please only click on the Dana* button (to the right) if you feel our session has helped you.

Therapeutic Massage ~ Board certified, licensed Massage Therapist

Therapeutic Qigong ~ Practicing slow meditative movements, while practicing breath awareness increases balance, and provides a sense of overall wellbeing.

Danskinetics (Yoga Dance) ~ Allows us to tune into the energies of the body to inspiring music, and movements designed to bring awareness to the various energy centers (chakras). Available for groups.

Yoga ~ Kundalini Level I ~ Providing private instruction.

Watsu ~ (A floating shiatsu in warm water) is a floating massage in water. The word Watsu comes from combining the words "Water" and "Shiatsu." Watsu is very comforting, and creates a safe place where one feels cared for and nurtured. Sessions are $120 for 50min in the Boston area.) Watsu Training 2012 pictures

Reflexology ~ This ancient therapy stimulates reflexes in the feet and hands to induce a state of relaxation, relieving stress and tension helping to balance all systems of the body.

Offices in the Boston Area, and Stamford CT. For more information please email or call 203-912-7300.

Watsu Therapy

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